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Niteangel Hamster Snack & Treats Toy: - Small Animal Natural Treat Mix for Dwarf Syrian Robo Hamsters

Niteangel Hamster Snack & Treats Toy: - Small Animal Natural Treat Mix for Dwarf Syrian Robo Hamsters

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  • Tasty Hamster Snack & Treats Toy : These hamster treats have a wide variety of flavors and are very rich in nutrients to meet the taste requirements and energy needs of the majority of pets. If you stuff these delicious snacks in small animal habitat, keep them busy and away from boredom, Let your little one enjoy his favorite snacks!
  • Entertainment & Chewing Toys :Hamsters need to explore and store food to become daily busy, Like in the wild, It would look for food and move back to its own house, These little snacks are a great way to satisfy them, niteangel small animal treats mix can satisfy pet's picky taste buds and chew fun, helping them deal with the environment in a fun way.
  • Natural Materials & More experience: Made of freeze-dried tofu, freeze-dried broccoli, cornflower, pumpkin/carrot marigold and no additives, Multiple flavors bring a different chewing experience for your pet. Please put these hamster snacks in a cage and let them adjust for a while, they will slowly try to chew them and gradually become ecstatic.
  • Interactive Treats & Builds Emotional:Sometimes the hamsters feel anxious or stressed if they live alone for long periods of time. You can hide the small animal chew toys in various corners of the habitat, and it will slowly seek it out and move back to its house, Keep their noses twitching with these treats arousal to their active, social, and curious nature. It's time to bond and form a relationship with your small animal.
  • Niteangel hamster snack toys are perfect for guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus, Lemmings and other small pets! giving your small pet hours of chewing fun that supports dental health for their always-growing teeth.With its added rich in nutrients treat, Niteangel hamster treats are a great supplement to hamster food.


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